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Even though there are several ways in which a sword is classified, the handedness is one of the most important method. Based on handedness, swords can be classified as wither one handed, two handed or hand and a half swords which are also referred to as the "Bastard Swords".

In a more detailed sense, hand and half swords also have two major types. The first variation has a six inch grip and a blade length of 34 -36 inches. The second variation that have 5 inch grips with blade length in between 30-33 inches are commonly referred to as the bastard swords.

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Image of Bastard Sword with scabbard

Unlike it's other counterparts a bastard sword can be used to fight with both hands or a single hand as required by gripping the pommel in most cases. 

There are several names by which a hand a half sword is referred to some of which are:

  1. Hand & half sword
  2. Bastard Sword
  3. épée bâtarde (French)
  4. langes schwert (German)

The first bastard length swords were produced in the first half of 16th century in europe mostly in the present day countries of Switzerland and Bavaria.

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